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The Right Companion Sergio J Gudino Western Governors University Adopting a pet is a serious matter. I have been thinking about adopting a dog. Besides the fact that I have always wanted one, it will be a good addition to my home. Having a pet around will surely affect my daily routine, but it will also be beneficial to have a dog to keep me company. You and I are very much alike, so I really think that you should adopt a dog because it will provide you with at least three things that are worth pointing out.

First, companionship; second, a feeling of safety and protection for you and your family; and third, you may be saving its life. Humans have not evolved to be alone. We are always longing for a companion to help us ease up from our daily routine. I am not saying that a dog will replace a human companion; we can have one besides the person we have decided to share our life with. A dog is a great addition to any home. Once all the considerations have been taken about how big commitment is to have something live with you, it helps you to unwind from the unrelenting pressure that is so common place in today’s work places.

Regardless of the kind of dog chosen to adopt, it will bring a sense of belonging to something bigger than you. It gives you a new perspective of the world you live in, and puts you in a position that allows you not to take for granted the beautiful miracle of life, and how sensitive is to our influence, our little blue planet. Nowadays it is difficult to argue the increase in violence in society at large. People seek safety and (personal) protection. The need for security is now, maybe more than ever, of upmost relevance. You need to feel secure in your home.

Given that you live in the suburbs, a dog, especially one of the breeds that can provide protection for the family and is child-friendly, would be a good start. A big dog may not be a must, but certainly it is worth giving it some thought, if you are worried about your family’s well-being. In the case of a dog, the loyalty shown towards its owner is unquestionable. It will protect you and even attack any perceivable threat aimed to its owner or family. It will protect the house when you need to leave your home for some time.

It is also a commitment; the dog is dependent on you for affection and food. If you think about it, it is not much, considering that in return you get its unmoving devotion. “Four million cats and dogs—about one every eight seconds—are put down in U. S. shelters each year” (“Pet Overpopulation”, n. d. , para. 1). These numbers are staggering. If you think about it — just adopting one dog, you are saving it from its untimely demise. There are many people that are completely oblivious to the harsh reality that these creatures have to face.

It is like a Damocles sword hanging unsteadily over each one of this helpless creatures’ heads. You have the opportunity to turn its world around; even if it is just for one dog, think about the life you are saving. It will make you feel overwhelmed from the inside out. It is your chance to do, like people sometimes say, “the right thing”. No creature is meant to be alone all its life. Every creature needs at some point a companion it could be either temporary or lifelong; but the fact remains that everything has to have someone or something by its side.

A dog can bring you, among its plethora of tricks, silly actions, and playful moments, that sensation of feeling safe and secured that you need for your home. Having a guard dog translates into a powerful deterrent to a criminal. It will make any potential trespasser think twice before entering your property. You want to feel safe if not outside at least in your house. Saving a life, the connotations of this simple action will ripple through you and perhaps everybody around you. It may even trigger the same feeling and make people consider adopting/ saving a dog one action worth trying.

We are not alone in this world, many creatures are created in pairs, they may look for safety in numbers, armoring themselves – or, like in your case — looking for something that can protect you from a hostile world. Given the choice all animals would rather keep on living. You have at your disposal the means to accomplish that. Adopt/ save a dog. It will thank you forever. References Pet Overpopulation. (n. d). The Humane Society of the United States. Retrieved from: http://www. humanesociety. org/issues/pet_overpopulation/

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