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My father The person who I would like to describe is my father, Ryszard. He is 41 and he is a driver. He has short, light hair and green eyes. He is 180 cm hight. He works very hard but all the tim he smiles and he is happy. He is intelligent and he has many plans for the future. He care for our future. For example he wants to built a house. He always belives that everything will be fine. He loves watching TV, music and food. He likes computer and he can use the internet. He hates when peple are anvious and jealous. I love my father because he is a person who I can always rale on.

He always tries to help me and I musn`t afraid of nothing when I am with him. He care for our family and he is a very good person. Source: http://www. shvoong. com/books/152149-person-admire/#ixzz1XYKMMNVI The Person I Admire Most When people are asked about the question who is the one they admire most, the answers could not be more different. Indeed, everyone has his/her hero on heart. And I also have mine: he is my father. There are various reasons why he is the person I admire the most; he gave me life, watched me grow up and helped me during my adolescent years. He is also my best friend.

Throughout the years, my father is my abecedarian and best teacher. He took an active role in my education. From my childhood, I was taught speaking, reading and writing by him. After I grew up, my father tried his best to shape my personality as patient and optimistic when facing difficulties. He was strict with me, but got never tired of my mistakes. As a straight-A student in the university, now I cannot help but attribute my present status to my educational foundation that my father helped establish very early in my life. What’s more, my father is also my best friend.

Over the years, he successfully made the transition from a strict father to a kind friend. Once I am in trouble which I could not solve by myself, the first person to whom I give the call is my father, because I know the things I get from him will be both the consolation and the support. He has always been on my side and cared about my development. The reliability is what I care most when dealing with relationship with other people, and also the character what I can find from my father. Although many people admire the famous person or a super star, I insist on taking my father, an ordinary man as my hero.

My father, educated me since my birth and during my adolescence, and he was both as a father and a friend. This is why no one can ever supersede the place of my father as my hero. A Person I Admire Admire Someone I Admire As we grow older, we find someone to look up to. Virtually everyone has someone that they admire. Most of my friends admire movie stars like or superstar athletes. Have you ever thought of about who you admire? Well, I certainly have! The person I admire the most is neither world famous nor a multimillionaire.

I save my admiration for a special woman, my mother. I admire my mother because of her morals, some of the obstacles she has overcome, and for all she has done for me in my life. She is a leader and not a follower and the difference is that as a leader and not a follower is dependable, supportive, and attentive. First of all, I worship the very ground that she walks on because I know that I can depend on her. She is a natural born leader. She is one of the best of the “older generation. ” She does such a wonderful job educating me to be a good person in life.

She has done the best job through life and experience to build up a strong family. One of the strongest reasons why I extremely admire her is the value, and respect she lives her life by. She has always been a shining example in my life. She never got to finish high school but somehow managed to find the time to go back and finish while working full time and raising two kids. After my brother and I were older and no longer living at home, she decided to go to college at 45 years old. Through hard work and dedication she now has two bachelor’s degrees from CSUN.

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